Design Consultancy

Our design consultancy team helps you bring together the type of design that best suits the interior of your space.

Interior Architecture

Specialising in the technical design and structural alteration of building interiors, we place a strong focus on spatial hierarchy and adjacencies during the design process, delivering the optimum layouts for your project.

Interior Design

Combining the art and science of interior design and layering this with the decorative arts, we get to know your aspirations and create a unique interior style and character for each of our hotel, residential and workplace interiors.

home advising service

Home Advising

We know well how the environment of a home influences the day-to-day life of its residents. We provide excellent service by working with spacious layouts and can even make the simplest of spaces look magnificent.

Interior Styling

Interior Styling

Layering our interior designs with decorative accessories and professional styling techniques, our team delivers the finishing touches to your interior, adding character and personality, while also styling for a variety of lifestyle interests and events.

Office Design

Office Design

A well-charted out office interior not only makes a good first impression but also results in better efficiency and enjoyment in the workforce. We aim to transform office environments with the help of well thought out layouts and designs.

furniture design dervice

Furniture design

Perfect furniture that fits the style of a room/building makes or breaks the whole interior designing game no matter how modern the architecture is. We believe in working on the whole project from inside out to ensure everything comes together perfectly. We design furniture that is perfect according to the interiors of a space.



For restyling purposes, we work closely on the details given in the existing space layouts and plan out the entire process according to the client's visions. If you're thinking about giving your home a new look, contact us right away and let's get working!

Commercial & Hospitality Interior Design

Arky'Studio leverages more than 15 years of combined Residential, Hospitality, Multi-Family, and Commercial Interior Design experience. Through the education and hands-on knowledge of your design team, Arky'Studio designers guide and manage your design project, providing clear communication on budgets, timelines, aesthetic, and quality to meet and exceed client expectations.

Individual Room or Full Home Design

Bathroom and Kitchen remodels are constantly happening. We can run a full design consultation and project management per room or you may simply obtain design services and manage your project on your own.

Visual Coordination

Visual Coordination

For clients not in need of full service interior design, we offer our visual coordination service, which offers a stylistic approach to rearranging and complementing your existing furnishings and accessories. Whether you are looking to pull together an existing room, reupholster your existing furnishings or upgrade your window treatments, this service is perfect for making smaller scale improvements to your home's interior.

Store special orders

Store Special Orders

Customers are always welcome and encouraged to bring in or email photos of their existing furnishings or spaces. Maybe you are seeking a new dining table, would like to have a piece of furniture reupholstered or just needs some ideas for new furnishings, we can assist in making selections and special ordering just the right solution.

Kids Room Design and Consulting

Get your Kids room interior designed from Arky’Studio. We understand that Kid’s room is not a place just to sleep, it is a place where they can play happily and do their homework.While doing kids room interior design we need to consider that it is a playroom, study room, Bedroom & storeroom for their them. You can create your theme based personalized kid’s bedroom on his/her favorite style or superhero character with us.

Home Staging

Arky'Studio Home Staging strives to help homeowners, investors, builders and listing agents properly prepare homes to sell faster for a higher price. We offer a variety of solutions from Consulting to give professional advice, to Staging to help buyers visualize a home as their own, and bringing more potential buyers in the door with professional photography. We also offer Redesign services for our Stage to Live clients as well as Short Term Vacation Rental setup and refreshes for increased bookings and 5 star reviews. In addition, we enjoy providing education to Real Estate Industry professionals in our office or yours.

Hotel Staging

The Hotel Staging is a real estate image consultancy that enhances the properties intended for tourism: hotels, B&Bs, farmhouses, hotels, spa centers, shelters. It is therefore a Home Staging intervention that takes into account the specific needs of hotel and non-hotel facilities. Our job is to give a new look to environments to create emotional bonds with your customers, differentiate your structure from that of your competitors, get positive reviews and numerous bookings. The Staging that we propose is a real marketing technique that allows a correct presentation of the properties intended for hospitality. Are you a holiday home owner, B&B, farmhouse or hotel manager? Get more visibility online and overbooking! The staging enhances the sometimes hidden potential of your accommodation and allows an emotional perception that projects the customer already on holiday from you.

Garden Design

A garden is an enchanted place, never the same, yet constantly evolving. Its size is not important, but its space, shapes, and color are. ARKY’STUDIO works to create harmony, a biological balance among the plants, an architectural one among the walkways, pots, gazebo or pool, and anyone who wants to experience the garden. From a large park to a small garden, we take care of each step to create a green space.

Terrace Design

A great addition to a stylish and unique home is a terrace, Much like a atrium, porch or balcony a terrace gives you a chance to display some taste and creativity. Conceptual inspiration can help you to choose the right furniture and plants, you might even choose a fireplace! The design of a modern terrace gives you the opportunity to choose design ideas from a large variety of trends.

home personal shopper

Home Personal Shopper

We offer advice to buy the furniture or furnishings for your home. We support the customer during the checkout process, and offer recommendations for finishes and combinations, respecting the tastes and budget requirements. In fact, thanks to our experience, we help the customer to choose the product most suited to its needs and its spending limits.

restaurant design

Restaurant Design

Opening a new restaurant (or make a restyling) is exciting. However, designing a new restaurant can be overwhelming for a first-time owner.

The design of your restaurant should align with its theme. You will need to consider the atmosphere and the seating, as well as the location of your kitchen.

There are other issues to consider, such as fire codes, ventilation, and other building codes. Here are the basics to help you get started.

Showroom Design

Our vast exhibition experience also lends itself to interior and showroom design too. We can help you to brighten up your showroom or office space in order to capture your visitors' imagination.

By adding a stylish touch to your showroom, your organisation instantly becomes more memorable, while simultaneously putting guests at ease and giving you another great platform to promote your products or services.

store design

Store Design

Successful retailers know they need to stand out from competitors and compel shoppers to buy more, more often. Store layout and design can play a crucial role in differentiating your brand, not only helping customers navigate your wares, but enjoy doing so.

We provide strategic layout and store design services, offering custom solutions that address the specific goals of each business we serve while optimizing the factors that drive success.