About Us

In 2013 Arky ‘Studio was us, Architect Sara Baldecchi

and Interior Designer Camilla Nibbi.

A dream for two degrees.


Each project, each product created entirely by us, or marketed, is treated with the dignity it deserves: it is

from the individual works that our credibility was born and with passion we were able to pass it on.


Today, in fact, Arky’Studio is you.


Sara and Camilla are the initial piece of the puzzle, but it is thanks to you that we are able to form a complete figure.


Thanks to you and to the many facets of your soul, which you entrust to us with the certainty of being able to give it a tangible shape. Together.

Why Us?

Exquisite. Edgy. Timeless. Whatever design aesthetic you want, Arky’ Studio can make it happen.

It takes a lot more than an interesting color palette to make an interior design project successful. Hard work and experience are key. Equally important is making the whole experience easy and enjoyable. There are no inflated egos to deal with — we work with you and for you. Count on us for open communication and the same enthusiasm at the end of a project as at its inception. Your satisfaction is our success.

Our Specialities

Arky’Studio is a full-service design that specializes in every aspect of interior design ranging from residential to commercial and everything in between.

One of our core strength is in hospitality design. We have significant experience in producing functional, timeless, and inviting public spaces.

Our expertise encompasses bars and restaurants, showroom and retail shops, hotel and BeB.

We also have a long history of Luxury Villa and Apartment interior design: new or restyling spaces: from the project to the realization.

Photo Gallery : Our Atelier in Florence

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