Garden and Terrace Design

A garden is an enchanted place, never the same, yet constantly evolving. Its size is not important, but its space, shapes, and color are. ARKY’STUDIO works to create harmony, a biological balance among the plants, an architectural one among the walkways, pots, gazebo or pool, and anyone who wants to experience the garden. From a large park to a small garden, we take care of each step to create a green space



(UP TO 350 M2)

For large garden please ask quotation:

A great addition to a stylish and unique home is a terrace, Much like a atrium, porch or balcony a terrace gives you a chance to display some taste and creativity. Conceptual inspiration can help you to choose the right furniture and plants, you might even choose a fireplace! The design of a modern terrace gives you the opportunity to choose design ideas from a large variety of trends. The first question that comes to mind is whether you want a wood deck or stone. A terrace is part of your home so it’s very important to consider how you will match the terrace level to the adjoining kitchen or living room and beyond that you want to consider if the terrace connects to a garden. Differences in level can cause a lot of difficulties so you need to carefully consider this factor right at the start of the process. It’s very important to carefully consider the materials that will be used. Terraces with paving slabs, for example, if they have been applied correctly, are durable and require little maintenance. Just make sure there is a way for rainwater to drain properly.



(UP TO 100 MQ)